Saturday, 14 September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera || Good For Blogging ?

Over the week of the fashion festival I was kindly given the Samsung Galaxy Camera and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to replace my barely there bridge camera and act as my partners in crime in my little world of blogging. So now that the festival is over I'd been brainstorming a bit. What can I write about that hasn't really been already covered ? And with over 1000 photos from the weekend I put two and two together and thought. The magic responsible for the photos !

And magical it is ! The camera is much more than your usual run of the mill camera as it's most amazing feature is noticed instantly. It has a 4.77" HD Super Clear Touch Display, that is designed not just to view photos after but also to instantly share to your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram ! It also has all the functions of Samsung Galaxy devices with a full range of apps available to download from the Play Store straight to your device !

Blogger heaven ? Yes. So not only can you take your pictures from your camera but you can share them instantly.

But you might be thinking, " Sure, any camera phone can do that ?". And the answer to this is Yes but No. Does your mobile phone have 17 megapixels ? Probably not. And Does it have 21x super clear Zoom ? Probably not.

As if those specifications are not enough to wow you, the camera also has the options to smart/professional mode for the more tech-savy out there.

The Samsung Galaxy camera retails for about 479Euro, much cheaper than a DSLR and has amazing picture quality!

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dublin Fashion Festival || Bloggers Event

With the Dublin Fashion Festival starting next week, and after the success of the launch party recently, I was delighted to be invited along to the DFF blogger meet-up for a quiz and some mingling. Although, everyone there was a fashion expert, our knowledge and skills in “chiconomics” (the branch of knowledge concerned with the art of being chic and all things chic) was really put to the test during the quiz. And, when something so serious, as fashion bloggers’ fashion knowledge is questioned, we have no choice but to defend ourselves and prove our worth.
Oh okay, maybe it wasn’t as life altering as I just made it seem, but some of those questions really were hard! We did have the help of Samsung Galaxy Tablets to cheat…and by cheat I of course mean, lend a helping hand.
Hosted by the lovely Lorna Weightman, writer of Irish style blog –, we got to bond over our individual love and passion for fashion, whilst having a laugh over nibbles and LBD cocktails (look out for this one during DFF, it’s fab!). I loved Lorna’s outfit all courtesy of Awear’s A/W collection, which is hitting stores soon!
Also on the night were spot prizes for most stylish, which was awarded to the beautiful Emma Henderson from Fluff and Fripperies. She wore a shirt from H&M Paris, a skirt from River Island, Boots by Kurt Geiger, Ring by YSL, Necklace by Red Ruby Rouge, and Lipstick by Urban Decay called BANG! (her Favourite lippy) to top it all off. Emma has been writing her blog since October 2010 and often has features in Xposé, Metro Ireland, and I asked her about her favourite part of DFF and she said:
“I love how it showcases Dublin’s fashion and also brings the city to life”.
Other than her love for lipsticks her favourite fashion piece is ankle boots, not surprising then, that she was sporting her favourite Kurt Geiger pair.
The event was a really great chance to chat with other fashion bloggers, have some great nibbles and tasty cocktails and hear all about the great things planned for the festival. I’ll be doing some style-spotting over the four days, so keep an eye out for me!
Also check out my friend Deb Deb from UndefinedBlueHoney, who Vlogged on the day. See if you know the special guest ;)

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

1st College Year || Guide to Living Alone || Part One : Accommodation

                                                                                                                           Photo : Google Images taken from 
First of All CONGRATULATIONS. At this stage it's probably a couple of days since you've heard what you are going to be studying for the next few years of your life that's potentially going to shape your entire future. HUGE NEWS! You've probably been far too excited or overwhelmed at this news to think about more pressing matters.

Where am I going to live ? Who am I going to live with? Wait, Mom's not around to cook.. Does that mean pizza EVERYDAY *crosses fingers* ?

Well in the course of this mini blog series I'm going to answer these questions and hopefully make going into your first year a little less daunting. Also I'm no expert. I'm embarking on my second year of college and living away from home and what I can confidently say is that you never stop learning.

So Now the Big WHERE?

I was very lucky to have friends who were going into second year and an older sister going into 3rd year who pretty much did that work for me. However, this isn't the same for everyone. Have a look at all the resources your chosen college/uni has on their website. Most will have some kind of Accommodation Advisory Service set up by the Student's Union to help you out. Good websites for Ireland are, and Each of these give you the option of selecting your college/uni and finding accommodation close to campus.

Make sure to do a little background check on the location you've found. Are they student friendly? Is it safe?


Great you've found where your living. But Who are you living with? To do this you need to decide what kind of accommodation you want. Apartment, Studio Flats, Houses, Room shares or Digs (A room in a house with a family). This choice is most likely decided by your budget.

Choose your roommates wisely. Sarah might be a great friend but do you think your relationship would be as great if you spent almost every waking minute with her? Basically a Great Friend is not always a Great Roommate.

This might sound like a done deal but you're going to have to overcome a few roadblocks. The big one especially for first years is unrealistic ideas. I'm still guilty of this. Don't expect to live in a superb, state of the art and modernly furnished Penthouse overlooking campus that ensures you being early for every 9am lecture when only getting up 15 minutes to the hour and still having showered and having had a full Irish breakfast that your maid brought to you in bed. Obviously this description is very sarcastic but you if your honest with yourself, are some of those things too much to ask ? And If you can admit that some of those things are the things you expected then you've fallen victim to unrealistic ideas aswell.

                                                                                                                           Photo Image : Google Images taken from
I'm not saying you won't get anyone of those things, but I am saying that if you put your expectations that high your going to be in for a little bit of disappointment.

Hopefully this is of somehelp. I know its neither fashion or beauty but there will be a bit a both in the back to college posts to come.

                                                All the best to those House-hunting !

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Serge DeNimes || Pop-up Shop

                                                             Helloo Everyone !

So on my recent trip to London I went to have a look at the Serge DeNimes Pop-up Shop on Carnaby Street where I coincidentally met the owner, Made in Chelsea Star Oliver Proudlock. *screams* *faints*

Ok, so I wouldn't believe that either. A little bit of background for those who don't know, Serge DeNimes is a T-shirt brand set up by Oliver Proudlock himself and has been sold online on the independent website since slightly before Season 2 of Made in Chelsea hit our television screens, the first season in which handsome Proudlock appears.. The popularity of the brand was definitely not hurt by this and this summer the Brand hit the streets with a pop-up shop.

The Idea to the layout was Head To Toe, that people could come into the shop and literally be able to get something to wear from head to toe.. Sunglasses, shoes, bags and ofcourse T-shirts. To to this 4 other brands where handpicked by Proudlock; Marlborough world - Handbags, Oliver Sweeney - Shoes-, Finlay and Co. - Sunglasses, And Love Brand and Co- Shorts.

The Serge DeNimes Brand has also been expanding it's urban line with Beanies, Snapbacks, Iphone Cases and a few jewelry pieces. Recognition hasn't only been taken up by fans though, the massive brand Topman also recently launched Serge DeNimes in their stores and their websites.


 And back to our coincidental meeting. I had planned to visit the store but maybe I was pushed a little bit more when I saw a tweet that he'd be there. Well I guess seeing that tweet was coincidental for the most part.

If you missed the pop-up and would still like to check out the brand, Head over to or

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Braids, Braids & Braids || Hair Makeover

This Post has been in the works for literally MONTHS! But College has proven to be more time-consuming than I thought. How and ever, here is the hairstyle I've been obsessing with for some time now.

BRAIDS.... Yeah I can't say it enough times to emphasize how much I love them.

Truth be told I used to be a hater, because it reminded me of my childhood and all the Cringe-Worthy memories that come with this time of my life. One of my friends thankfully encouraged me to broaden my hairstyles so I did.

The way I understand it Braids date back years and years and years... and braiding from the root especially, dates back to East African tradition. When we think about braids in the 90's we often think about Janet Jackson's beautiful box braids in Poetic Justice and now in our time celebs such as Brandy, Solange and Beyonce have been rocking the trendy hairstyle.

So here I am. Now I can't quite shake it. So Below are a few pics of different braid hairstyles, on myself and some of my friends.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Last Of Winter || Streetstyle

So hopefully with this title wintry weather will be banished from Ireland and I, and all others in Ireland,  can wear our Spring/Summer wardrobe without shivering or getting absolutely drenched.

Am I being far too Optimistic ? Probably, but a girl can but dream *heavy sigh*.

Here are some the Street-Style pictures I've taken this year! 

What do YOU love about fashion ? "It gives you a chance to represent yourself, people's style adds colour, life and excitement."

Favourite shops? "Vintage shops eg. Lucy's Lounge and the Ha'Penny Flea Market"

What are you wearing ? Jacket: St Vincent de Paul
 Scarf: New Look
Skirt: topshop
Briefcase: flea market in Spain. ONLY 3 EURO !
Shoes: Doc Martens (from Market)

Farah was such a nice girl ! I fell in love with her bag and was shocked to find out it was only 3 euro ! She suggested I check out the Ha'penny Flea market on Saturdays where she finds some of her bargains a little closer to home.

Rob Kenny

What do you love about fashion? "Thrill out of styling myself"

Favourite Shops? "Brown Thomas (The Kooples), Vintage Shops, Cos ,Online Stores eg Bitching and junk food.

What are you wearing? Jacket: The Kooples BT
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Eden (French Designer)

Rob mentioned just being back from 5 months away in France, says he was very much influenced by their fashion, their designers etc. And as a result his look has changed from "Hipster" to more "Chic". 


What do YOU love about fashion? "Express yourself through fashion"

Favourite shops? "Vintage shops in the temple bar area, Zara, Shutterbug, Topshop

What are you wearing? Jacket: River Island
Cardigan: Shutterbug
Jumper: 9 crow street
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Topshop

Laura has amazing hair! I spotted her just off Grafton Street and just loved her outfit. I like the way her hair clashed against her burnt orange jumper. Perfect example of how to add colour to you A/w wardrobe!

For more Street-Style, keep a constant eye on's tumblr. If I'm not here, I'm there!

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Resolutions Wishlist !

So this is a wish-list as you can all probably guess but what's different about this is I've paired them all with a New Year's Resolution! I don't usually make a big fuss about resolutions because I lack the will power to keep them till February but I thought that maybe (just maybe) if there's some kind of reward involved I'll be motivated for longer ? Maybe ... Makes a Cool Blog Post anyway..

1) "I will be a more frequent blogger with more product reviews, street-style posts etc"
I've really loved blogging for this half year but I never really thought about how much time goes into it. With moving out for college, starting college and all that comes with that time just flew. But when I did have time there was always one thing that slowed me down again, my camera ! The time we've spent together has been nice but my (not-so-trusty) pal is going to be replaced.

Fujifilm S2980 14MP Bridge Camera
And these two are the contenders for my new camera!
Nikon D3100 14MP DSLR Camera

I am no professional when it comes to cameras, but from what I gather the main difference between these two cameras, besides the massive price difference, is that a DSLR can have it's lenses changed to suit whatever kind of photography you need it for and a Bridge camera doesn't have changeable lenses. If you are in anyway camera knowledgeable do feel free to correct my uber-common way of describing them. I am torn between the two for now, but one of these will be a winner. 

2) "I will grow my lipstick collection into new extremities"
I didn't always love lipstick because when I tried it first as a 13/14 year old over-all make-up beginner , I tried the ones with glossy finishes and I must have applied far too much and in the end I just didn't find them flattering. But at 16 or so, I found matte lipsticks and it was love at first wearing. Also I did get the hang of other lipstick finishes (Thank You Youtube!) but Matte finishes were my favourite. Which brings me to one particular lipstick range that could become my favourite lipstick collection ever ! 
Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks
3) "I will be more grown up and lady-like"
I turned 18 last October and so a now fully recognised Adult (atleast in Europe), and not that I act like a child particularly but I'm still often confused for a 15 year old. It's a little bit upsetting but the bright side is, I'll like it when I'm older perhaps. This brings me to the following items below! Black Handbags ! A stable in every woman's life. I need one that fits my laptop, A4 pads etc so I'm stuck between these two. Both from Zara  and perfect.

And that's it for the most part, I kept it short cause maybe this way I can actually stick to it . 
Again I'd like to thank everyone who has read my blog this year. Like I've said I've really loved it and seeing the pageviews, GFC followers, and bloglovin' followers growing , really puts a smile on my face. Also meeting other Irish Bloggers like Lisa, Leanne Woodfull, Mia Oliver, Debbie and Julie etc. 

Feel Free to do this Post on your blog and send me a link on twitter or in the comment section below.

Happy New Year !